It’s only Clickbank, It’s only Clickbank

You’ve heard of Clickbank right?

If you’ve ever promoted through
Clickbank as an affiliate, this will
be familiar to you:

You spend hours choosing a product
and some keywords, and even more
time setting up landing pages and
review sites…

Only to find out that the product is
a real dog that doesn’t convert, the
keywords either don’t bring traffic
or cost too much (if you’re using PPC),
and the whole thing is just a big waste
of time.

It’s frustrating isn’t it?

Well guess what – it’s only frustrating
because you’ve been doing it wrong.

Completely wrong.

Michael Jones recently started promoting 
Clickbank products for the first time ever…
and he made almost $50k in his first

Michael documented just about everything,
and now he’s unleashing these marketing
secrets on the world in the form of
The Clickbank Code.

You’re probably wondering what’s
different about this, and I’ll tell you:

Why this is different….

Michael’s not some Clickbank uber-guru
pushing his stale old techniques onto

This is fresh, and new, and that’s why
it’s devastatingly effective.

Most affiliates are smashing their head
against the wall trying to make money
from outdated ideas and loopholes.

Newsflash – It’s 2009. That lame stuff
won’t work any more.

Michael made millions working online
OUTSIDE of Clickbank – and that
means his techniques and tricks
have never been seen by Clickbank
marketers before.

This is 5+ hours of the most effective
video training a marketer could wish

That’s why he’s able to enter
any Clickbank niche and
tear the competition to shreds.

Compared to other affiliates you’ll be
a marketing ninja after this, and you’ll
be able to assassinate your competitors
at will.

To your success,

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Hello Clickbank Wannabee’s

If you’ve ever used Clickbank, listen up. Things are about to change, permanently.

I can’t give you too much detail at the moment, but I can tell you everything you thought you knew about Clickbank is wrong.

And there’s proof.

You see, over the past couple of months, a guy named Michael Jones has been doing some in-depth research 
into Clickbank.

I’m talking about real crazy professor style scientific experiments…

He went in there as a green newbie  affiliate, started a few promotions, and kept careful notes on EVERYTHING he discovered.

And man, the stuff he found is going to blow your mind.

He won’t reveal it yet, but I’ve had a sneak peak, and let me tell you, when he pulls back the curtain, get ready for
some hard truths.

And I must warn you – this stuff is going to upset a lot of people. It’s going to make others downright angry…

But the only thing I’m sure of is that when MJ reveals this stuff, it’s going to change the Clickbank world FOREVER.

Get ready for some serious changes…


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